About Airlift

Airlift AS has its main base at Førde Airport Bringeland in Sogn og Fjordane, and is the largest North European provider of domestic helicopter services. We have a helicopter stationed at our base in Førde (Sogn og Fjordane), Kinsarvik (Hordaland), and Ljosland (Vest-Agder). Airlift also has a base in both Bergen and Hammerfest, where the main activity is linked to the transportation of crew workers to larger vessels along Norwegian ports.

The company is part of the NHV Group, which has its headquarters in Oostende, Belgium. Airlift operates a fleet of 18 helicopters and has 105 employees. Airlift AS was established in 1986 and has for over the last 30 years built up considerable experience and expertise in passenger and cargo transportation. Airlift has a long experience with long-line flight, as well as search and rescue. Svalbard is one example of the many places that Airlift has flown to. This means that the company also has solid experience from flights under difficult and demanding conditions.

Airlift is the operator of Northern Europe's only heavy lift helicopter with a lifting capacity of over four tons. Due to Airlift's long experience in advanced aviation, the company has provided services with a global closure field for the offshore industry in the event of a change of a flare stack.

Airlift also delivers technical services, both within design (EASA Part-21) and regular technical services (Part-145). Our technical competence consists of just under 30 highly qualified resources.

Training Organization (ATO)

All of our pilots who serve the domestic segment, have started their career as a Task Specialist in the company. By actively working with culture, attitude and having targeted professional training/training through our approved training department (ATO), we ensure a stable and experienced air force that has a focus on safety as a core value. This work starts already from the first day, when starting as a Task Specialist in Airlift. The training for the Task Specialist is extensive and covers more than what is required by both European and national aviation authorities. We have set up some main points that show some of what our ATO has to execute when training towards a pilot position in Airlift AS.

1. Task Specialist (Lastemann)

  • Register in OPSCOM

  • Safety course

  • Loading course

  • Safety strapping course

  • Emergency & safety equipment-course

  • Dangerous goods-course

  • First Aid

  • CRM

  • Buddy System. Candidate for the Task Specialist is put together with an experienced crew for practical training

  • Work independently as a Task Specialist (continuous evaluation and feedback)

  • Annual evaluation (the candidate receives constructive feedback in order to develop further)

  • Works on average about 4 years as a Task Specialist (continuous evaluation)

2. Trainee

  • Task Specialist with a greater focus on flight / pilot position

  • Type rating on AS350/H125

  • Autorisation for easy flights til enkle overflygninger

  • Easy pax flying in the terrain alongside an experienced pilot

  • Autorisation to fly pax independently

  • Longline checkout

  • Easy loading flight with experienced pilot (HESLO 1 operations)

  • Checkout HESLO 2 operations

  • Trainee also receives continuous feedback in this phase, in order to develop further.

3. Pilot

  • Commander course

  • Operator proficiency check

  • HESLO 3 operations

  • HESLO 4 operations

  • Type rating other types (when needed)

  • Type Rating Instructor (when needed)

  • OPC instructor (when needed)

This development path through the Airlift Training Organization (ATO) provides a solid foundation for security, attitude, culture and professional understanding. Airlift AS currently has a well-trained pilot corps with stable working conditions and predictable conditions for further development and education.

Airlift Approved Training Organization (ATO) can offer the following course:

  • Type Rating AS350/H125

  • Type Rating AS332 MP VFR/IFR

  • Type Rating AS332 MP VFR

  • Type Rating AS332 VFR MCC

  • Type Rating AW169 MP VFR/IFR

  • Type Rating EC225 MP VFR/IFR

  • TRI AS350

  • TRI AS332


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