Airlift has extensive experience as a supplier to the offshore industry. We have been providing services in connection with switching of the flare stacks on various offshore installations, together with our sister company Vertech Offshore AS. We have been executing this for more than 20 years without accidents or damages. Our expertise in this field is sought after internationally and our pilots are considered to be among the best in the world within these types of operations.

From 2017, Airlift is also the operator of the Norwegian Coastal Administration for the transportation of crew workers to larger vessels along the Norwegian Coast. With the use of our new AW169 helicopter from Leonardo Helicopters, we deliver our services every day, all day throughout the year.

Our new AW169 has a range that also enables us to switch out the crew for agents and shipping companies along the Norwegian coast.

If you have any transportation needs within the offshore sector, or the need for additional information, we are here ready to assist you.

Contact: CEO Stian Hårklau


Airlift provides services in most areas where helicopters are used today. This includes, among other things:     

Airlift can also assist our customers in the prosess of planning and evaluating how to effectively solve various transportation and logistical challenges by using helicopters. We have both operational and administrative resources with long and relevant experience that help assist in these processes.

Feel free to contact us for further information or a discussion regarding specific requests.

Contact: Marketing Manager Magne Kongsvik

Technical services and design

In addition to its Part-145 approval, Airlift has an EASA Part-21 approval. This enables the company to solve most technical needs for operators in the helicopter market. Our engineers and technical resources have long and solid experience and have built up considerable expertise in the maintenance of various helicopter models. This allows us to offer the full range from smaller to larger inspections, in addition we can carry out modifications and adjustments on helicopters and get them approved.

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.


Airlift's long experience with helicopter services puts the company in a good position to provide services using drones. In Airlift, we therefore work actively to apply new and environmentally friendly technology to address the needs of our customers.

We are also looking for collaborators who would be interested in developing this segment with us, and we are more than happy to chat if you have thoughts and ideas about this.

Contact: Commercial Director Børre Eimhjellen.