Airlift to take over pilotage service from Lufttransport

The contract period with the Norwegian Coastal Administration starts on 1 July 2017. For the next six years, Airlift will be transporting Norwegian pilots to large vessels and vessels carrying dangerous cargo. This huge contract will add around NOK 100 million to the company's annual turnover. 

‘1 July 2017 is a big day and a milestone in the company’s history. It’s an important contract for us,’ says CEO Stian Hårklau of Airlift. 

First in Norway to use new helicopter type

When heading for the Kårstø, Sture, Mongstad, Nyhavna or Melkøya terminals, large vessels that carry dangerous and/or polluting cargo are required to have a pilot on board. The company has bought three new helicopters for the demanding task of transferring the pilots to the ships.
‘Three brand new helicopters of the type AW169 have been delivered from Italy to Førde Airport. They are equipped with new technology, including an extended nose section with a built-in radar and navigation system. We are the first company in Norway to start using this type of helicopter. The weather along the Norwegian coast is harsh, and we must be able to fly under challenging conditions,’ explains Hårklau.

Looking for more offshore assignments

This is Airlift’s biggest contract to date. With newly established bases in Bergen and Hammerfest, Airlift is well equipped to take on the assignment. The contract is important in many ways.
‘Carrying the pilots offshore and putting them down safely on board large vessels in open waters has similarities with other offshore operations. Together with our owners, and as part of the NHV group, Airlift considers the contract to be a cornerstone in our effort to procure more assignments in the Norwegian offshore market,’ says Hårklau. 

It is the Norwegian Coastal Administration that is responsible for the pilotage service and that awarded the contract to Airlift. In addition to the price, the safety of personnel and delivery stability were decisive for the choice of company.

More information:
CEO of Airlift
Stian Hårklau
+47 482 06 117

Marco Pacagnella