100.000 flight hours!

The pilots currently employed in Airlift, in June 2016 passed 100,000 flight hours totally flown for the company.

With 31 employed pilots, this means that every pilot has averaged 3.225 flying hours behind the controls on Airlift’s helicopters.

Airlift is proud to have such an experienced and capable group of pilots in the company.

Our pilots have performed a number of different missions on its way to 100,000 hours.
Some examples: Transporting materials and concrete for hydro power dam projects, avalanche protection work, recording of James Bond film, delivery of materials for building cabins, passenger transport, polar bear and seagull counting at Spitsbergen, expeditions in Antarctica, search and rescue service for the governor of Svalbard, search and rescue services for the the Air Force, air ambulance service, training missions with the Navy and central grid power line construction.

Airlift is the largest and leading helicopter company on the Norwegian onshore market and has over the years built an unique expertise in various operational missions including sling and hoist operations.

Some annual key data for Airlift AS:
                Approximately 10,000 flight hours
                Approximately 40,000 landings in different type of terrain
                Approximately 38,000 sling/hoist operations

Marco Pacagnella