Airlift awarded Western Corridor II contract

Valard Norway has selected Airlift as its helicopter partner on Statnetts project Western Corridor II.

This is the first major project Airlift is doing together with Valard Norway, and the project is starting 18th of July.

During the period leading up to 2021, Statnett will upgrade the voltage in the Western Corridor from the current voltage of 300 kV to 420 kV. The Western Corridor is a collective term for the main grid in south-western Norway, including the counties of Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder and Rogaland.

The project implies the construction of over 100 kilometre with new 420 kV transmission line on the route Ertsmyra-Tjørholm-Lyse, Lyse-Duge and north of Lysebotn.  The project also includes the demolition of approximately 90 kilometer of existing 300 kV transmission line on the route Solholm-Tonstad, Tonstad-Tjørholm and Lyse Duge.

Varlard Norway is a company within the Quanta Service Group, which is the largest company within the North American Energy business.

Airlift has established a project base at Handeland in Sirdal, and will over the project period use 2-3 helicopters of the Airbus AS 350 Ecureuil series supported with the Airbus AS332C, a heavy lifter with a max load of 4000 kilo.

Silje Christensen